Thursday, August 30, 2007

Communication Skills

How Should I Communicate With My Child?

The more interactive conversation and play a child is involved in, the more a child learns. Reading books, singing, playing word games, and simply talking to your child will increase his vocabulary while providing increased listening opportunities. Here are a few suggestions to help improve your child's communication skills:

  • Talk to your toddler about what he or she did during the day or plans to do tomorrow. "I think it's going to rain this afternoon. What shall we do?" Or discuss the day's events at bedtime.I am not really apply or understand much about this;but for every night before she fall asleep,I shall talk to her about what will she do for the next day.The usual thing but keep repeating it to her like 'nathifa will play the toy house tomorrow,and will jump,and will do some gardening in the morning,and will learn 1,2,3 a,b,c and will have nasi in the afternoon and so on.
  • Play make-believe games.Fantasy play, a magical part of early childhood.Like using her imagination to transform a block of wood into a car, or a doll into a sleeping baby,pretend to watch tv,cooks,eat,sleep(with her toy house accessories).Sometimes I will snarling like a lion or tiger with the 'grrrrrrr' sound and she will run around the house away from me while laughing and screaming.And then some other time she would say,"tifa ulakk...tifa ulakk.Ibu ayiii..ibu ayiii".Which means she will be the 'lion' now.
  • Read your child's favorite books over and over and encourage him or her to join in with words he or she knows. Encourage "pretend" reading (let your child pretend he or she is reading a book to you).Not always.Sometimes.But I had once or twice saw her pretending to read the newspaper like what we usually do.Sometimes she would make a 'reading' sound effects too.

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