Friday, August 24, 2007

Cell - S.King

I am now in the Cell.So please do not disturb.Wink.

A bit of review about this Cell.Actually, the normal life ends with a "pulse"; an errant cell phone signal that wipes away the user's humanity, 'rebooting' their brain back to something basic,primordial and evil. Even those within earshot of draining signal suffer a kind of evolutionary, reverting to a state of pure impulse and mental confusion. As the feeling consumes its host, madness takes over, and there is only one way to satisfy this cruel craving. The insanity must be met with violence, quelling the instinctual blood lust that lay dormant inside every person's DNA. Thus the world ends, and it's the very people who protected and prospered upon it who are now intent on taking it down.

It is his latest novel in a career of over 30 years.Suspenseful and sentimental,it's a work of maturity and of meaning, a novel that actually wants to comment on the state of the world and the pissed off population who seem to be living on and off it. One of the best sections comes directly after the initial pulse. As people try to escape the evil running ramshackle in Boston, they hike northward. The 'normals' find the highways the easiest passage, and as he walks with his group, Clay sees the whole of remaining humanity shut off from each other. They don't want to interact. They don't want to band together and fight. They just want to be left to their own devices. It is at this moment when our protagonist realizes that the rest of this journey will be a decidedly lonely one.

Conclusion;Alone, Confuse and Very Afraid.

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