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What's & About's - Headhunters (since I didn't know this :) )

Is a colloquial term for recruiters, employment agencies or executive search firms that broker human resources. Like real estate, stock brokers and sports agents, headhunters are in the middle of an employment sales transaction: they solicit customers (companies with job openings willing to pay a fee) and they seek talent (people with specific skills).

Third party recruiters who specialize in placing job seekers in full-time positions with their client companies are more often referred to as headhunters. It should be noted, however, that many recruiters resent being called headhunters, and vice-versa.

Typically Headhunting is associated with a higher degree of industry knowledge and a more specialized, less 'blanket' approach. Whereas a recruiter may place an advert or place calls with no prior knowledge of the individual they are contacting, a headhunter will attempt to know about the subject's previous employment history, education, etc. He will make contact on the premise that 'on paper' the candidate is suitable for the role, whatever their current situation.Poaching employees away from their current employment in this manner gives headhunters their name.

Additionally, Headhunters vary from Executive Search Agents/Professionals who typically have a wide range of personal contacts within the area in question, a detailed specific knowledge of said area, and typically operate at the most senior level.

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Poaching : As of at least 1990 the verb is sometimes used to refer to the act of hiring employees who are already employed by another company (especially a competitor), orchestrated by a recruiter referred to as a "Headhunters"

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