Thursday, October 4, 2007



"A mindset, in decision theory and general systems theory, refers to a set of assumptions, methods or notations held by one or more people or groups of people which is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools."

It's hard to believe that such a tiny thing thats looks more like a worms had so much power that enough to destroy Hiroshima.(it is the human being who had create the atoms,not the alien kan?)

En.H kept telling me the needs to change my mindset from another level to another level.It's easy to said than done.Yeah thats d**n rite.But there's always a logic in everything that he said.Every reason will comes with an example and true story that amazed me.

It's a lovely beautiful morning,when we had our special sleepy romantic chatting time(after sahur,while waiting for the Subuh and that little princess still in her dream of course!) this true story arise.I just love to share it with you.

Here in Malaysia,there is someone that you don't or do know(maybe some people had heard about this too) who had owned about 700 various type of houses.Hard to believe but it's true.He starts really hard.But the thousands that he makes at the end of the day is enough to pay the rest of his life without working.Worth it to wait.Worth it to be patience all the way long before he can feel the millions' life.It is not 1 or 2 years that I am talking about.This 'had changed mindset' fellow had been in this buying process for 25 years to reached what he have now.From the story I've heard,the rental money that he had from his first investment house,he never spend it for his unneeded shopping(this is where I see the mindset issue applied,wink!).He always(means never skip okeh!) save it for the next future investment house deposit and loan.And he do it for the 25 years of his life.Until he had reached his 700th house,and then he said 'now I can retire'.He had hired 5 clerk to manage all the rental,houses and other thing regarding his investment.And for every end of the month he actually had over 200k in his account.Blink!Blink!Blink!

You see, when you give a bit of twist towards the way you think,you'll be different from others.And these differences that makes millions of money.

One example from my point of view.Budget.Long before I learn so much thing about financial management from En.H(he is my best mentor in the worldlah,wink),budget is just a simple word to me.I see budget is only for the people who are really in their financial problem(not so cleverlahkan).Not that I said that I had no financial problem at all,smile.And even if they are in that trouble,still some people don't do the budget.Try to change your mindset(mine actually).

When you do the budget,you need to really involved in the process.Means,write certain amount of money,spend only that specific amount of money and log it in your budget book(at the end of the month is the analysis day,smile).Then you will appreciate this words budget more than you do before.At the end of the day the words "saving" is not a big deal anymore.(I learned that we do budget to actually have some portion of our money to put in the saving account,not for the Lobster or Oyster or Versace or Bonia thing!).

Last but not least,to be one of the rich or the middle or the poor,it's all depends on you.You and you and you.The end.


kakLuna said...

siapa lah agaknya orang yang ada 700 umah tu ye ..teringin jugak nak baca jalan kisah kejayaan beliau :)

aniece said...

tak taulah siapa kakluna,but not our kaum melayulah ;) and actually ramai sebenarnya individu(majoriti bukan kaum melayu lg) yang owned about 100 lebih rumah just for investment.Most of 'us' cuma fikirkan nak rumah selesa,cantik for our life, kalo ikutkan sebuahlahkan,but org2x yg lain sikit otaknya ni,tangguhkan semua kesenangan tu untuk beli rumah for investment dulu.That's how they manage to be the million's guy/girl.