Sunday, September 23, 2007

Subconscious Mind


Last night when the 3 of us prepare for our bed time,En.H will slowly beat the pillow and the bed as always(while reciting the selawat),me waiting for En.H routine complete and that cute little girl was getting ready to jump as high as she can on the bed.Then En.H asked our little princess dear to recite the "doa tidur".Of course we had to start the "doa" first but what had amazed us was that she had continue to recite the "doa" by herself from the start till the last line.En.H had said that it was her subconscious mind.She actually recite the "doa" without she by herself realizing it.And that was the powerful of this subconscious mind.

For the last 2 or 3 week,En.H had told me about this issue;the subconscious mind.He had also suggested me to pay a visit to this one individual's site(you can click here who was posting out an article regarding the power of human mind for free.(she had write an e-book too!but not for free laaa :P).Honestly, I was not so interested at first(pity En.H,sorry bang).But after the "doa tidur" incident,I was like getting triggered by this mind thing.Though I guess it was like "isu lapuk" for some people,but for me it's like I was just found out a very special treasure box and very eager to open it,try it,demonstrate it,etc.

En.H had bought that e-book, titled "magnetrezeki".I just had a rough view of it.The writing was good and simple.To understand,I had to read it nicely and quietly.To suggest,not so dare unless readers had pay a visit to her site,read all her article and decide to buy that e-book after that.Then it is their decision.

I think I should split my "my lists of bests" into 2 category since now there is an e-book too.(maybe "my real & virtual lists of bests",huhuhu looks a bit funny and weird lah!).

[Subconscious mind
The term subconscious is defined variously as an adjective or noun. In the strict psychological sense, the adjective is defined as "operating or existing outside of consciousness".[1] The term also appears in Sigmund Freud's very early work, to denote the unconscious mind but was soon eliminated due to its ambiguity.[2] It may also be used to describe the preconscious, information contained in the mind, which although not presently in the conscious, may be recalled by "directing attention to them", such as memories not being recalled at present, but still available to be recalled at will. Use of the term "subconscious" is avoided in academic settings[3] despite remaining popular in common use.[4]


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