Friday, September 14, 2007


As I woke up exactly at 4.00 o'clock this morning,she was confirmed still in her deep sleep.Had a pray(since I didn't close with witir yet) and off I go;started preparing the meals for sahur.At 5.00 am,slowly wake En.H dear for sahur.She still in her sleep.

We then had our sahur.Today I had prepared sayur sawi,telur dadar and ikan goreng.En.H murmured that he have not enough ikan goreng.I'd only fried 2.One for him and one for me.Sorry dear.Tomorrows' menu; that 'ikan goreng best' will be included again ok.Promised.

And suddenly there's a voice from upstairs."Ibuuuu...ifa nak akannn nasshiiiikkk sheennndiyiii".

And here we go again.2nd of Ramadhan.The three of us together; for the sahur.

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