Thursday, June 28, 2007

toasted gardenia


Last night 3 of us went to Pak Andaks' house for a seasonly visit.Not to mention Pak Andaks' house is just 5 minutes drive from ours.Who is he?My uncle,from my fathers' side which is the 4th one from 6 siblings in my fathers' family.

Around 10.00 pm,my 'kueh tiew Hailam' was left with one or two drops.( have one big smile on my face).
As at this hour,minute and second,I am craving for a traditional toasted bread with peanut butter+butter+seri kaya jam on it.Let see if the ingredient is enough to make one.A pile of gardenia,check.In the fridge there is buttercup,check.And the seri kaya?uncheck.Plus the peanut butter also uncheck.I guess not today.Tomorrow perhaps.
(cring..cring for En.H for Seri kaya satu ye).

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