Monday, June 18, 2007

can't you see


This morning both of us send En.H to his office.I need that kancil.The reason is I am desperately need to do some shopping as there's nothing in the fridge and on the shelves.En.Hs' kriss had been 'pancit' for almost 2 months and he didn't manage to do something about it due to his 'rising bussines' lately.So he would use my kancil everyday to work.And left both of his girl 'terperap' at home.(jgn marah ye ayah).To ayah,this coming weekend you will be 'force' to take your kriss and fix that damage ,by hook or by crook.No more excuse darling ye.

On our way to Kelana Jaya,the financial topic arise.Not much to be said but there is one point that people should think about.Or should I say start to learn.

"The people(normal working people) will work hard for the bank,
but the bank had to work for the rich people"

why?because people who are doing the normal thing which is working for other people,make a loan to buy a car,house,credit card had to pay the interest to the bank, in other word had to 'work' for the bank,but on the other side of this scenario is the rich people who had millions of cash would dump their money into the bank and make the bank 'work' for them as those bank need to pay the profit/dividen from their(those the rich people) investment.

Now,can't you see why the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer?

(ps: teringat dekat rich Estranged yang nyanyi lagu Itu Kamu,memang dia rich pun kan :P)

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