Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Three different types of income :

Earned income : is income you get by working for money.It is the income that comes in the form of a paycheck.It is also the type of income you ask for more of when you ask for a raise,bonus,overtime,commissions and tips.

Portfolio income : is generally income from paper assets such as stocks,bonds and mutual funds.A vast majority of all retirements accounts are counting on portfolio income in the future.(thinking of KWSP)

Passive income : is generally income from real estate.It can also be royalty income from patents or the use of your intelligence property such as songs,books or other objects of intellectual value.

Now that you know all the 3 types of income,should you think of which type is your income fall into?or did it fall into all those 3 types?I am now considering to have another Robert T.Kiyosaki collections after this 'retire young retire rich' meets the end.

His different view of reality in life is interesting.Often he points out the different way of thinking between his rich dad and his poor dad(which is his own father).For me the most provocative issue is when his rich dad said,"The worst advice you can give your child is to go to school so you can get a high-paying job" and another one is "Teaching people to spend their lives working for earned income is like teaching someone to be a high-paid slave for live".

Some people(mostly) will gets a little bit uneasy with those thought I guess.But think as it is a different view,different perspective of seeing thing from a different person.Actually it is totally opposite right?.To suggest this book is definitely yes.But still the choice is in your hand.To or not to.

(the hardest thing ever for me is to differentiate between 'the needs' and 'the wants'.
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