Tuesday, March 13, 2007

my lists of bests


Jumped into one of my favorite blog leaving me in a gloom.I really hope that I can make a progress with my not so growing a book lists.While there are people who had reached up to 100s(credits to aida;what an astounding performance,if she ever read this),mine is not even reached 10s.

As I wrote this entry,I persistently kept in my mind on being moderate towards the lists.I am not a very obsessive person towards book.But I love to read.Its more like a silence meditation to me.Well, let see what had I achieved so far:

1.DUDE ON ARRIVAL(a christmas mystery) by J.S BORTWICK - a thrilling adventure which packed with clues and suspect but end up with a total surprise.A detective storyline.

2.THREE FARMERS ON THEIR WAY TO A DANCE by RICHARD POWERS - nothing much to tell,not finish yet. :)

3.WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN? by DR.WAYNE W.DYER - a lot of guide how to raise a creative kids.


5.DEADLINE by JOHN DUNNING - newspaper reporter who become a detective.Thrilled one.

6.BORDER MUSIC by ROBERT JAMES WALLER - a country story style with love and passion.

7.WOMENS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALTH & EMOTIONAL HEALING by DENISE FOLEY,EILEEN NECHAS & THE EDITORS OF MAGAZINE HEALTH BOOKS - well,it is all about women inside out plus the doctors-tested tips provided.

8.KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMEN by MANUEL PUIG - lots of talking,like a storytelling one.

9.MILLIONAIRES ARE FROM A DIFFERENT PLANET by AZIZI ALI - what else to say,financial management issues.

Did I said not even reaching 10.Luckily there's a reader's digest,PA&MA,Wanita,NST,Harian Metro, and the list goes on everyday & month.But I am still thinking about my lists of bests.

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