Friday, March 23, 2007

Her Birthday!!!


It was all surreal.One day & a half after I was admitted and was injected with the unkown liquid,the wave of contraction began.At first the pain is not so intense,I can still have a smile on my face.But its finally start taking my breath away and the sweet smile now had been replaced by a tears.Relief to know that he was still beside me,holding my hand and ask me to hold on.It is in the morning of 23rd march 2005.

"You're dilated by only 2-3 cm,and its not enough for the baby to come out.We'll wait few hours more and see what will happen.",explained dr.rahman as he examined me.

Wait...wait...and wait.The pain is getting harder and stronger.The dr came back a few hours later and check and said that i'm only dilated 3-4 cm.It is still not enough but dr suggested that I have to deliver now to make sure that the baby is save.It is evening of 23rd march 2005,about 5++ pm and I still remember the sound of the rain,storm outside the hospital.

Dr.Rahman and his nurses start putting on their gloves.The spot lights beaming right onto the bed and stainless steel paraphernalia in every corner of the chamber.I was fully aware of the Dr voices encouraging me to push..hold on...then push again.Since I had gone the epidural procedure few hours before, the push and hold process was hard for me as I can't feel both of my leg at all.10 minutes passed by,I was already lost half of my energy and yet the baby won't come out.Afraid that the baby will drown,Dr Rahman start the forceps procedure and with just another really hard push, my baby was born.

Alhamdulillah, though I was like going to faint at that time.A nurse came over beside me and placed my baby gingerly on top of my chest.She was still wet,covered with blood and liquid.There's tears streaming down my cheek as I watched the father of my daughter run a finger gently along the tiny baby's forehead.Then he kiss my head and said "thank you sayang".It was the most joyful and emotional moment in my life.My energy was totally out,empty,i was fall asleep then.It was still raining at that moment,6.18 pm,23rd march 2005.

2 years had passed by.Today the baby that born on that rainy day we named her
NUR NATHIFA HUMAIRAH,had grown up so well,so healthy and become so adorable to us and others.Despite all the recurring annoyances(like being woken up in the middle of the night for a feed plus her other notty2x behavior) that we had gone through and will go through in the future,we hope and pray that she will become a solehah daughter and will success in whatever she will


The end.

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