Friday, July 25, 2008

raising a child


Have you ever try to look at your childrens' eyes for a few minutes and say to yourself that you will appreciate her/his 1-day-oldness?.

Though I am not totally copying the way my parent bring me up but I do realize there's something somewhere that I should keep my eyes on to.

She is three years old now!

Sometimes I think that I heartlessly view her as on her way to being adult instead of attempt to be with with her in her 3 yrs old world.Not to put the blame on my parent but that's the way they do.
"dah besar dah dia","dah boleh itu dah dia","dah boleh ini dah dia","dah jadi kakak kenelah pandai buat itu,pandai buat ini".

And I am repeating it now which I am not suppose to.

I should be more appreciative of her each day.She is smaller dan younger,but still as complete as me.I do learn that children will be much less troublesome if we stop preparing them for life.They are just as much a part of life now as anyone else.

Sometimes it's really hard to accept and appreciate her age typicalness.

But I am pround of En.H which he always coming down to her level,simply play with her on her terms, almost everyday.Hide-and-seek,taking a walk,going to the park,wrestling(yes,they do!),playing catch ,you name it.

Apart from my not-so-active condition nowadays,I realize that I always trying to get her to be more serious rather than take the joy in those "dumb" things that she play each day.Hemm,I really don't want to be only the observer.I should act as the participant instead.I should totally engaged in all the experience that she now living in,appreaciating her for her childness rather than prepare her for a big people life.

It is not easy to raise a child,isn't?


aida said...

dah 3.. adalah tukang nak layan baby nanti. senang kerja ummi dia :)

Anonymous said...

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