Wednesday, January 30, 2008

about her


When asked what is your name,now she will reply with "noooonathifaaa umeeyyyyahhh".And then I had to continue with "binti?".Then she will said "bittiii hujamiii syahhhh".

She can count until 10 in english and malay but always forgot the number 3.I am trying to continue with the number 11 to 20.She now remember 14,16 and 18.Choosy ek! :P

For the A,B,C, she's trying hard.I know.Since she is learning under 'the homeschooling' with which without a friends,teacher and those 'alat bantu mengajar',I had to admit that the level of 'fun in learning' is below than those in nursery.But the 'fun' in learning with her own mother as the teacher is definitely a very precious experience either for me or her.Exciting and very stimulating! :P

During the daytime,she is learning not to wear the diapers anymore though she did asked about it sometimes.Like 'tifa nak pakai pampers' but the answer will always like this 'ishh malulah pakai pampers,nathifa kan dah besar'.And it works! so far. :)

Those diapers is now for the night time only.

We already change her milk bottle to the one that is more looks like a cup.But she maintain to drink a milk that is only in brown color.Yes,definitely.Chocolate!No matter what brand it is.Lucky us.Alhamdulillah.From baby to toddler,she never 'throw the bottle' for whatever brand of milk that we choose.As long as it's chocolate in color.It's weird because she didn't care about the taste at all.

Her likes towards the ultraman,batman,superman,cicakman and those with the 'man-man' in the end is undeniable.She loves thrilling and fighting movie type.Not from my gene at all! Oh ya that includes fireman and postman too!

She's growing up.That's all that I can say.

(Semoga anak ibu akan menjadi anak yang solehah,amin)

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aida said...

wah, kalah anak laki saya ni.. postman & fireman pun jadi idola.. ok apa, everyday's hero.. kan kak hanis?