Wednesday, December 12, 2007



We went to MV yesterday.Beside the crazy traffic and the long queue for the limited parking space,ayah managed to get one.The nearest one to the door.Alhamdulillah.

It's been nearly 3-4 months since our last MVs' 'jalan-jalan cari makan'.The crowds?Subbhanallah,ramai betul umat!.Sampai saya boleh dapat headache.

Went to 'tempat lepak kanak2x yang senyap' the MPH,I got my belated birthday present.(part of itlaa).It's the 'ayat-ayat cinta'.Make me smile the whole day.Thanks ayah!

And for our lovely princess,2 more big fancy multicolor hardcover books added in her books' box.And she's smiling too!

Overall,penat but happy.Thank you ayah ye. ;)

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Aku Bukan Bidadari said...

wah..sioknya gi pun suka dan suka gi situh..lately nih ramai org maybe sbb sales kut...tetambah cuti skool