Friday, December 14, 2007

The desire


Its normal when people desire for something better,prettier,more fun or more exciting.So we will work for the money.It is true rite?People desire money for the joy that we all think that money can buy.But when we actually use the thing that is inside our head aka brain,often the joy that this $$$ can bring is short lived which soon or sooner we will need more money,more joy,more pleasure,more security and more comfort.(manusia kan jarang pernah cukup dengan apa yg dia ada,tak gitu kawan2x?-peringatan utk saya juga)

So in the end,we will keep working,thinking money will soothe our souls that are troubled by the fear of not having money,being poor,being the issue between friends of not having Prada handbag,Revlon makeups,big house,big car etc..etc..etc.But the truth is,most of us are emotionally desperate and neurotic and actually let our emotion do the thinking.

One simple question.What is it that actually kept people hurrying off to work everyday?It did not seem like much fun nor looked that happy.(I know how's the look,trust me)

Most of us refuse to tell the truth about this $$$ issue.Money is no longer only a thing that is made from a paper from our perspective.It is now becoming a tool that is running our lives.Though not really obvious to us but its actually control the emotions and souls of ours.Its so small % from many us let the thinking control the emotions when it come to $$$.(thats why they are rich!).Most of us will react to our feeling,fail to think wisely.And it is always like that over and over for a generations.

I love to read books.Any book can do.But when it comes to what the Rich Dad,Poor Dad writes about financial literacy,I surrender.Not with the white flag,but with the confession that 99%(the 1% is about tax,investment,I know nothing about it :P) of what he mumbles is so true,so happen to most of us now and then(me includes).Its just a matter of "stay the same or start to change" which actually will make a big different of where we are in the future.

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