Wednesday, April 11, 2007

out of the blue


Its been a while eh.
Did not have that eagerness on writing lately.Busy with those house chores and feeling plain indeed.I have just finished the Aisya Sofea writing.The 'Jendela Hati' was stunning.Its a slow moving storyline yet exciting and romantic.I am suppose to dozz off that Judith Mcnaught on Night Whispers but couldn't help myself on Aisya Sofea novella.Inside there is Luqman Hafizi playing a role as a husband with a child and the wife had passed away leaving them behind.Normal living drama as Luqman can't help himself looking and treating his sister in law like his wife.Sarah was gone and Farah taking her sister role as a wife and a mother.They were twin and identical.
Conflicts between Luqman and Farah is overall storyline.But then there's always happy ending story.My opinion on this.....hem.....I would fall in love with Luqman if I were farah,sigh.I cried and smile a lot through the line.It's true.So I guess 'Jendela Hati' had won my heart and soul.I should have another one Aisya Sofea novel, month .Oh ya did I said its just took me only a few hours to reached page 334.How exciting ha.End

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