Friday, January 26, 2007

Challenges Make Us Stronger (The Statistics)


Got a chance to read something even though its 1.12 am(that little baby of course now already in a deep sleep)thats why ibu can read :).

Ninety-four percent of husbands and wives said they had experienced challenges in their marriages. The outcome was sometimes negative, but surprisingly there were instances when it was positive. Here's how a variety of challenges affected their marriages.

Crisis (%Who Experienced It) (Positive) (Negative)
Death of a parent 50% 37% 34%
Job loss 47% 31% 54%
Depression 42% 25% 63%
Parent's illness 28% 36% 38%
Major illness 27% 58% 29%
Becoming obese 25% 20% 50%
Caregiving for parent 25% 42% 32%
Addiction 20% 26% 65%
Major weight loss 15% 61% 13%
Personal bankruptcy 15% 46% 34%
Infidelity 13% 20% 67%

In this survey, significant numbers of couples said that even the most difficult and emotionally draining challenges -- such as depression, job loss, and caring for an ill parent -- had a positive effect on their relationships. Couples, Dr. Sotile says, grow closer in crisis because they appreciate each other's strengths. They also feel especially loved and comforted just when feeling most vulnerable.

"Your partner's love touches you in a way you'll always remember," he says. "And the experience makes us grow up and get beyond childish illusions that we'll live forever and have a perfectly stress-free journey. You realize that you don't have everything, but you do have each other."

my comment : that is sooo true,remember special words in malay "buang yang keruh,ambil yang jernih".

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