Monday, January 4, 2010

The journey starts here


It's time for kakak to start having fun at school pulak.
From now on,for every school day,InsyaALLAH she will be with her cikgu Rosnah and her 'soon to be' friends from 12.00pm till 3.00pm.
Not to urge her to get As' in all her 'lembaran kerja' but I hope this can teach her how to LIVE(definitely comes with so many meaning)with other people.
(bermakna selain daripada kelompok keluarga yang dia kenal)

Anakku sudah mula bersekolah! (read:excited)

By the way, this is kakak when we had to make her pasportsize picture for her school card.Despite that sweet smile on her face,she was crying when the photogirl ask her to sit in that chair.She only agreed when En.H is there next to her.(read:sad-she don't feel very confident with me).

kakak with her not-so-want-to-smile face

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