Wednesday, November 14, 2007

manis dah takde


It was nearly maghrib and drizzling continuously when a proton waja accidentally crashed manis.I was shocked and couldn't say a word.Right in front of my eyes.I heard a voice too at the same time "ya ALLAH hanis.....kucing tu kene langgar".It was aisyah,a friend of mine cum a neighbor.And when I walked slowly towards the so called crime scene,there was blood on the road,and yes it was manis.Oh ya ALLAH."manis dah tak ada dah".I cried.When nathifa saw tears streaming down my cheek,she knows and said,"ibuuuu angannnn dahhh matiiiiii daaaa".

manis wasn't mine.But ever since her owner kak syikin had moved away,manis frequently coming to our house.Sometimes for a sleep(she loves our welcome floor mat).And sometimes for a cup of milk and leftovers.Earlier,like about 4.00 pm, I gave manis a cup of a warm milk plus some ikan bilis.And I've told manis like this "aku dah buat susu ni,special lagi ,suam2x,ko minum sampai habis tau,kalau tak penat jek aku bancuh".And manis look straight to my face for a couple of second before she start licking her milk.And I still remember the look of her cute eyes.It was so sad.Manis dah takde............

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m|ss AnggEr|k said...

sedihnyaa.. apetah lagi kalau sendiri punya. fyi, aku pnh berkejar dari ofis bila tau kucingku mati, penah jugak menangis smbl menggali lubang kubur buat kucing terchenta (ndak plak masa tu hujan renyai2, seriyes mcm dlm filem), dan jatuh terduduk mengadap kucing yg dah xde.. sedihh :( isk! isk! isk!