Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Two Words


Another good point from the RYRR author is the subject of Fiscal Wealth and Physical Health.Regardless of the two names the process is likely to be the same.Wanna know?

Let see the physical health first.Its actually the tittle of a book written by Bill Phillips.Since I haven't read that book, according to Mr.RTK ,Bill Phillips writes about finding the reasons for losing weight before beginning to lose weight.He encourage people to eat more,not less.Recommending eating six meals a day if you want to lose weight,gain strength,and get back your health.Many people who try to lose weight by starving themselves only starve for a short time.And then they come roaring back on a binge which makes them fatter.

Now let see why its related with fiscal wealth.In RYRR,rich dad had said almost the same thing about people who try to become rich by being cheap,being frugal,not spending money,living below their means and scrimping.Most people do not become financially strong with that type of behavior.A person actually needs to spend more if they want to become rich.But they must know how to spend and what to spend on in order to become rich.(I guess here when "the wants" and "the needs" apply too)

There are good expenses and bad expenses.As there is good food and bad food.
Just as a person tries to lose weight by starving gets physically weaker,a person tries to get rich by being cheap only gets financially weaker.
When they suddenly start roaring and go on the binge,binge eater will load up on junk food and the binge spender loads up on cheap junk.

So,what would you say?

RYRR = Retire young retire rich
Mr.RTK = Robert T.Kiyosaki

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