Friday, July 13, 2007

Sentuhan Kasih

I am currently reading the Sentuhan Kasih by novellas Norhayati is for the 5th time okay. I am half way done and like the other 4 time,Inas & zachry name keeps rolling inside my head.It's pretty hard for me to put it down once I have started. It is a lovely romantic book written by Norhayati Berahim about Inas who found out that she had married to a liar.The guilt seemed to be haunting her since this guy had been helping her father a lots(kes terhutang budilah ni).But she decide to run away far far from her misery to Oslo Jerman where she meet zachry.This is where the smiling part comes.

Basically the story revolves around guilt,grief and loves, and how in another part of the world, the situation is just as we hope to be happen.Nice touch!What else can i say.(5x!)


Mama Irdina said...

macam pernah baca la citer ni. if yes its the same novel that i've read too, mmg citer dia best

aniece said...

you betcha!if sama masa akak baca tuh berbunga-bunga tak rasa? saya jek yg jiwang...hehehe