Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my princess


She will mumbling of 'whatever'(she's the only person who'll understand better,I guess) continuously.Not until lunch,not dinner but only stop when she close her beautiful eyes for a fantasy dream.I had to give my 150% more attention when the call 'ibu!ibu!ibu!' fills the air.After that continue with whatever 'like Jermans' speech' ,another 150% focus down on her.Only to understand 1 or 2 words.The rest is the sweetest smile as the feedback.Sometimes laugh.She is growing.Learning faster than what I had imagine.
Lately if I am in my rest hour,laying down on our 3 seated couch,she would come and kiss my cheek.
Sometimes she would as like this,"Ibu akit?uyut?nak?uyut aki?nak?"(My fault.I would sometime ask her favor to 'picit-picit' my both legs though not really much reducing the pain.Not at all).And some other time she would ask another sort of hygienic question like this,"daa ocok gigi?ibu da ocok gigi?".While her small cute little hand busy examining my mouth and her eyes seriously staring at my teeth.She is getting taller than what is normal for her age and a little kilos added.
Nothing more that I could say.Alhamdulillah.

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