Thursday, May 3, 2007



The pronunciation is still pelat-pelat.But the words' amount is increasing amazingly!.I was preparing a tuna sandwich with mayo for her breakfast.The usual scenario in the morning with NNH(nur nathifa humairah).When she asked me with words 'ipat ! ipat !',oh that word too?

Another wild guess?She's still saying that word out other word screaming crazily to me.Hem...I remember she had once uttered this word back when we were at nenek's house.And it was when I gave her one nice slices of a gardenia bread with peanut butter jem on it.And I remember she keep screaming to me ipat!..ipat.....That was the first time she said it to me and nenek was quiet impressed with her cucu(which of courselah since she had only one cucu now).

Yes,she is trying to tell me to fold the bread.It's surely obvious when you held one slice of that bread in your hand and you said ipat..ipat.But still for me that word 'lipat' is quiet hard in a way we can use it in a different situation.And she also had once used this word when I was folding a bundle of clothes while watching my fav handsome chef making his delicious cooking on the tv.She used this ipat-ipat thing as she pointed out her small finger to the pile of folded clothes.And that's was amazing.She know how to use it.Where and when.

Oh ya.My little daughter now can open the fridge by herself.And that's was a disaster!!!

We were thinking of the word 'lock' now.Sigh.