Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy reading

Assalamualaikum wbt

Salam jumaat kawan-kawan...tuan2x..puan2x,

Hari ni saya nak kongsi artikel kat bawah ni untuk bacaan kita semua.Saje-saje.Kasi kaum2x isteri ni tersenyum sket dan kasi kaum suami peringatan sket.Happy reading!

So what are women looking for in a marriage?

Women get married to find a special best friend. They want someone who will share their secrets, laugh and joke with them, love them, cherish them, adore them, be romantic with them, and make them feel beautiful and sexy. They want someone who will be attracted to them emotionally through their personality, and attracted to them physically through their bodies.

A woman wants a partner who will strive together with her through this life; laughing and rejoicing through the good times, and sticking by each other and supporting each other through the bad times. She wants a man strong in his deen who can stand up and take the responsibility of the household, and help raise the children in accordance with Islam.

A woman wants her husband to be her friend, companion, and soul mate.

Any good husband must realize that a woman’s primary need is emotional.He must take into account the prophetic tradition “The best of you are those who are best to their wives,” [Sahih al-Bukhari], and then strive to be the best to his wife.

Men have been assigned the responsibility by Allah to take care of their wives, and this entails treating them with love and respect, and striving to make them happy. If a husband can fulfill his wife’s primary needs, not only will Allah reward him, his wife will be content with him, and together the couple’s life will be more harmonious. Moreover, when a woman’s needs are fulfilled she will be more willing to fulfill her husband’s needs.

The best way to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs is to listen to her and respond to her with compassion. By listening to her intently, with your undivided attention, and taking a genuine interest in what she has to say, she will feel loved, cherished and important. Realize that when she approaches you with her problems, she doesn’t necessarily want solutions, she just wants sympathy and understanding.

In our next email we will discuss other ways to make a woman feel special and content within a marriage.


fikaryna said...

thanks 4 sharing...

mmg kalau dapat suami sebagai kawan n teman sejati bagus..cuma kalau bukan rezeki mereka yg dapat suami binatang..mmg kesian..

apa2 pun..hati mau besar..huhu..

hellioz said...

its kinda puzzling sometimes but its a fact eyh~

she doesn’t necessarily want solutions, she just wants sympathy and understanding.

i'll always bear that in mind...
if and only if she want it that way~

Hanis said...

azni : tu la kan...thats why i still remember pesan cikgu masa skolah menengah...

"kalau korang nih nak suami yang baik2x,berilmu,bertanggungjawab and pendek kata yang dalam list korang tu...BERDOA dari sekarang."

it doesn't mean kita dah sibuk2x gatal nak for the future.

even kalau dah kawin pun kita still perlu berdoa semoga suami/isteri diberi hidayah,dirahmati,dilindungi and so on.

heliozz :

i sangat2x agree with this :

"she doesn’t necessarily want solutions, she just wants sympathy and understanding."