Tuesday, April 15, 2008



They say it is the greatest obscure fear.The feeling of rejection.En.H had been always remind me about this.

Salesperson (the one who always disturb your appetite with their 'stock' while you're eating/chatting) is actually the bravest person in the world.They had definitely walk out from the fear of rejection and so the shyness of talking to the crowds or people that they totally don't know.

I was to shy to shout 'sell'.Yes,I am now selling something that I was like not so confident,very shy and fear that people might reject my product.Though after more than 2 weeks running the bussines,I get orders by orders continuously.

Hemm,I was never succeed in selling things before this.It was either in my blood or just my lack of determination of doing something.

But now every time I received the payment from the customer,I can feel all those happy 'aura' burst out from me like the one you saw in the "the secrets" video :p.That is how happy you are when you had succeeded in selling something.More satisfaction comes when you are the one who making it by yourself.The feeling was really awesome!(baru tahu!)

Only one thing that is keeping on buzzing in my mind - malu dan takut sangat nak bagitau kat orang ramai!

Orders so far was only from my 'jiran2x terdekat saja' plus the family :P.I really need to work out on this.I had prepared the website actually but when En.H asked to burst it out to others on the net,he will get response 'tunggulah dulu' from me.Terukkan saya :P

Huh! how long will I overcome this fear?

p/s: En.H said - orang yang nak berbisnes memang wajib mengatasi fear of rejection.Wajib tuh!


Farra said...

wajib overcome shyness! Adam Khoo pon kata, kalau malu memang takkan berjaya ..I am also learning and try to develop that skills..and whatever field..I always remember this " winner never quit, quitter never win" hope this inspire u hanis ;)

hanis said...

thanks fara ! Sangat2x inspiring tau bila ada kawan yang cakap camtu.Malu dah mcm kurang sikit demi sedikit..tp suka sgt bg diskaun kat customer pulak masalahnya..hehehhe...cepat betul kesian kat org...smpai hubby ckp 'boleh bankrup nih' :P.Kene belajar tegas2x sikitlah pasni.

Farra said...

psl diskaun tu ok but jgn melampau..jgn sampai rugi :)
bila nak promote ni???