Friday, February 23, 2007

pampers & pampered


Begin with the first one 'pampers'.last night she went quiet naughty that after taking her bath she refused to wear her pampers.Imagine that...I didn't know exactly what to think.Why eh?So sudden she act like that.

After struggling with her quiet some time,I managed to fit her with that pampers.Just a few minutes after,tarrraaa she hurried to me and said 'ibu..ibu...apess..apess'.With her pampers clinging to her leg and a naughty smile.What happen ek?She really don't want to wear that pampers.Isn't it uncomfortable?We never change the brand since she born.

True,I had a plan as we will celebrate her 2nd year birthday I will start the so called 'unforgettable' process which is 'unpampers' nathifa.But its far a month from now.Did she smell those plan that ayah and ibu had in our mind?Baguslah kan but it's going to be a nightmare before night.

Since the incident took placed at night,then ibu can't resist of pushing her to wear that pampers.Its a dangerous situation for me(dangerous tu!!!).With the green carpet spread in the living hall,with the chair that color like this timelah.(lazy ibu :) ).

So,its a long story but hey! its a 'pampers' journey to the 'unpampers' person okay.
I'm sure it means a lot for most of mamas out there if not all.I've got one of my friend whose the pampers journey of her oldest son took 7 years to end.Sound hard isn't?When it is time to have fun with the school,you should imagine how hard her mother had to teach his boy about living without 'it'.

It's a tradition from my mother.When you reach 2 years old,you are old enough to control the urine bladder and off you go to the toilet by yourself.But its my mums tradition.Not really applicable to all I guess because different kid had a different level of maturity rite?.But mine will start this April InsyaALLAH.The End

ps: and the 2nd title 'pampered' will be in the next entry ye.Had lost idea about it.Sorry :).

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