Thursday, February 15, 2007

Afdlin Shauki


I can't help to paste it here.It's touch my heart a bit.

Note to my wife :
Before i start i just wanna say to my wife (if she is reading this) that i am sorry for not being there for her more, for being away so much and not providing her with the companionship and support she deserves and needs, for not remembering sometimes, the little things that she tells me or ask of me to do. The reason of too much work is really lame i know but i feel there is much to do if we want an improvement in the quality of our lives and if we want for the entertainment industry to achieve a level where creative Malaysians are both locally and internationally respected and recognised. I thank her for all her sacrifices towards our partnership and i recognise her efforts and will do better in providing her more support. I will make an effort to show more appreciation, because ma, " i don't want you to feel like i take you for granted. Please know that it is not easy for me too, being away from you and the kids. Watching them grow and develop into beautiful human beings, glimpses at a time, is constantly heart breaking for me.. I will do better and be better at this i promise you. I want you to know that i am also determined to see you win. Love u ma."

I am still wondering how I'm suddenly stuck into that page.Afdlin Shauki?????
And don't get me wrong's a note to his wife!

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