Thursday, December 7, 2006

What cross in my mind today?


[1]Want to thanks ayah for :

# special treat @ secrects recepies on ibu's birthday.(That was sooo romantic)!
# special present that cannot be revealed here..:)(Do not try wild guess OK!!)
# special new hp replacing the old one which was broken,'silent forever'.why?That little girl named nur nathifa had act as the thrower like 5 times and no need to continue know what will happen next.
# never stop falling in love with me....

[2]Want to replace the kitchen curtain,why?

# so dirty
# so dull
# so short(this is the main reasonlaa cause it looks funny sometimes)

what pattern should i choose????think..think..think...

[3]Want to cook nasi ayam today!!!yeyey...go..go..go hanis...

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