Tuesday, December 5, 2006



Recently ibu can't resist to stay put in front of the tv at 7.00pm channel 18.The reason?
See the picture above?hohoho...its the korean drama season back!!
Ibu love the way jang nara act...funny but romantic juga...still remember one of her drama My Love PatzziThis drama had taken ibu hearts out OK....2 thumbs up..not to forget all those down to earth male casts in the drama..sooooo romantic and bests..
Back to these recent drama,Wedding is one of those rare stories that provide a glimpse into the “lived-happily-ever-after” life of a newlywed couple.However almost from the word go, things do not go smoothly for the newlyweds. "Bak kata orang hidup tak seindah yang diangankan"....does anyone agree with me??hehehe...
But,its the way you treat your wonderful life after married is important...with Iman,brain and heart given by ALLAH...InsyaALLAH everything will turn up fine at the end of the day.OK enough babbling about that.
After all,life after wedding is soooooo mystery and exciting to me.....

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