Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Not Soo Spicy Sambal Prawn'


Yesterday ibu cooked 'not soo spicy sambal prawn' for ayah.The result?
read this "sedaplah ayang masak udang ni,pandai ayang masak,buat lagi nanti ek".
Still having a smiling face until now...heheheh...
But one thing that make me wonder about my sambal prawn ni,it's soooo simple that ibu tooks only about 15 minutes and done and yet its make my hubby stomach smile...Ibu notes down the recepi here but it's not really special okay..simple meals..hearty meals that quick and yum..yum..

'not soo spicy sambal prawn'


1.about 10-15 prawn..your choice big or small
(Peel the fresh prawns.Suggested that you left the tail,so the prawn not getting so
small when it cooked)
2.Grind 1 onion,3 garlic,3-4 pieces of dried chilli and a small cut of ginger into a fine paste
3.A bit of gula melaka,give a sweet taste
4.A bit of tamarind(asam jawalah tu) can add daun sup if you want (chopped it nicely)

How to do that?

1.fry the paste on oil until the paste is fragrant.
2.add prawn
3.dash a bit of salt,gula melaka and spoon of tamarind liquid to taste
4.fry for about 5 minutes till the prawn change to red.
5.ready to serve

Did I told you its sooo simple?Try it out.

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