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Setting up a bedtime routine

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Just happy to share this tips from korang tgk nanny911 kat tv7,you know what they do.Sangat menarik dan saya suka cara in way nanny2x ni communicate dgn children.Cumanya as muslim,kita ada doa,ayat-ayat Quran and aktiviti2x tambahanlah yg perlu ada utk anak-anak kita such as solat and mengaji.Keyperson mestilah parent.Dalam semua episod dia pun diorang tekankan perangai,sikap parent yang paling utama dalam mendidik anak-anak.As parent semua perlakuan kita kene jaga.Kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut kita lagi penting.Anak-anak listen sepanjang masa.

So,rajin2x browselah web nanny ni.Ada tips lain juga.And yg saya share ni sangatlah penting jugak.Bedtime routine.Again,as muslim kita tambahlah dgn doa sebelum tidur,syahadah dan teach anak-anak memaafkan semua orang before sleep.

Enjoy reading :)

A consistent bedtime routine should be the cornerstone of your family routine. Your child’s development will benefit from a daily 11 to 12 hours of sleep, and it’s vital for your relationship that you and your partner have time to yourselves, too.

  • We recommend that bedtime should be between 7pm and 7.30pm for children up to the age of four or five, then no later than 8pm for children up to the age of 10 or 12. Follow these steps to set up a bedtime routine which should last about half an hour.

  • Encourage calm time before bedtime, with activities like reading and quiet play rather than leaping around or competitive games.

  • Remind your child that “in five minutes it’s bedtime.”

  • Make sure you’ve checked through schoolbags with older children so nothing important is left for the morning.

  • Start off your child’s routine with a relaxing bath. Older children can help give their younger sibling(s) a wash.

  • Use gentle reminders of what’s coming next while she washes and gets dressed, for example: “In two minutes we’ll get you out of the bath so you can brush your teeth” and “Once you’ve brushed your teeth we’ll put your nightdress on.” Try to avoid checking your watch or hurrying things along; keep your tone calm.

  • In bed, keep the lights low. Read a story and maybe chat over the day; try telling your child about something they did that pleased you, to reassure her and send her to sleep on a positive note.

  • A kiss and a cuddle and you can put the lights out. If your child is scared of the dark, use a nightlight or leave a light on in the hall.

If you have more than one child, stagger their bedtimes so they each benefit from a calming story and goodnight cuddle from you or your partner – changing roles in the bedtime routine will encourage trust and give you both some alone-time with each child.

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