Wednesday, December 23, 2009



I am not really good at expressing feeling and thought.Not with writing and in English specially.But Tun is the most genius person who can beautifully express his thought with simple words and simple sentences and yet his writing can be understood and leave something to ponder.

And yes, I am his regular visitor cum silent reader of

(yang memberi komen pun bagus-bagus juga!)

Contoh :

Entry on 21.12.09 with title

1. I have been visiting several countries lately. Some are developed. Some are developing.

2. It strikes me that it will be good if we send groups of young and educated people to those countries which achieved independence together with us. This is because young people were born and they grew up long after independence and cannot possibly know the Malaysia before independence or even in the early years of independence.

3. Perspectives and perceptions are what colour our thinking. Most people are reluctant to go to poor countries. If we go only to rich developed countries then our perceptions would not be correct.

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